Our mission

To encourage and inspire a response of service for the benefit of the under-resourced, vulnerable, and exploited in Northwest Arkansas.

Our Focus

Community care initiatives

Through our Community Care initiatives we are able to meet immediate needs that can prevent people from slipping further into poverty.

Initiatives like Laundry Love, 3 Bags in 2 Days, and Art in Park are intended to facilitate a relational approach to meeting immediate needs while connecting with appropriate services to break cycles of vulnerability in our community.


vulnerability Gap Initiative

The 2015 Community and Family Institute Homeless Report estimates there are approximately 2,462 homeless persons in Washington & Benton counties.  This is a 116% increase since 2007.

We are focusing on two specific areas of need to include Homeless Students K-12 and Unsheltered Homeless People.



There are many incredible organizations that are serving people in our community very well.  

We must continue to support, volunteer, and fund these organizations.

To help fuel those effective organizations, we have assembled some information to assist in serving with them in Northwest Arkansas (you'll find us there from time to time as well).

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Our Community Care initiatives are designed to provide opportunities for everyone to serve others in our community by meeting practical needs.

Laundry Love seeks to bring economic relief by giving the individual or family the option to redirect funds that would have been spent on laundry toward food, medical, gas or transportation costs as well as school supplies and other basic, everyday necessities.

We serve a large community of homeless individuals through Laundry Love.


3 Bags in 2 Days is focused on giving relief, hope, and a sense of dignity to those in our community who are in need. 

Through the distribution of bags, our hope is that the individuals served (mostly people without homes) would be able to connect to services to bring long term relief.


Art in the Park gives the gift of creativity and self-expression while providing a community to create and serve with.

Through creating together, providing meals, and engaging in relationships this initiative is the perfect way to engage with others in our community.




Our Vulnerability Gap Initiative is specifically designed to bring a focused approach to a community issue that requires a solution.

Today, the Northwest Arkansas homeless population is growing at a rate that far outpaces growth in the general population. Specifically, there are two subgroups of homeless persons that are needing solutions to their current circumstance.


K to 12th grade Homeless students

"If our region’s future depends on its youngest generation, then we have a social responsibility to begin to work with the schools throughout this region in identifying their greatest needs, working to find suitable housing solutions for the thousands of students and their families without their own home, and to invest in this generation with a frenzied fiscal, emotional, and infrastructural support."

-- 2015 Community & Family Institute Homeless Report

17% of the homeless population slept outside
in camps, parks, abandoned buildings,
cars, or other public places.

We are working to provide some type of temporary housing that can provide a modicum of dignity while unsheltered persons begin to work with case management to find more permanent solutions should be a necessary first step toward addressing these critical needs. 


These are our small stories of what changes are possible by the small, humble acts of service to others.


Simple Opportunities to Serve With our Community

Visit our Initiatives page to learn more and find opportunities to serve with Northwest Arkansas

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