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Serve NWA has emerged from the deep roots of serving Northwest Arkansas through the Cobblestone Project story.


Since 2008, the vision and mission of the Cobblestone Project has been to serve our Northwest Arkansas community through tangible acts of service.  Through some very creative community care initiatives, we have seen thousands of people come together, build relationships, and offer hope and restoration to almost every city in our region.  

This has only been accomplished because so many of you have made the choice to humbly serve our community and needs you see around you every day.

Over the past seven years, we have seen many initiatives begin because of the unique perspective and understanding of how to meet our community's needs by small and humble acts of service.  Some of these initiatives have been incubated within the Cobblestone Project while others have moved on to become new nonprofits and organizations.  This is exactly what we have hoped would happen.  Ordinary people making extra-ordinary impact because they said "yes" to the needs around them.

One of the unique initiatives that began within Cobblestone Project was The Farm.  In 2010, there were no community farms in Northwest Arkansas, so we pioneered a new way of growing healthy food to meet the hunger needs of our community.  Over the past five years, the mission of The Farm has grown exponentially and with it the needs, resources, and people required to manage it.  Thousands of people have volunteered, given, and received food from The Farm and we only want to see that continue.

In early 2015, the Cobblestone Project Founders and Board of Directors made the decision to realign the organization to serve the community according to the needs it has today (versus the needs it had seven years ago).

Today, the core serving initiatives of Laundry Love, Art in the Park, 3 Bags in 2 Days, Shear Kindness, 30 Days for Change, as well as the gap initiative of Our Step are being realigned into a new Nonprofit organization known simply as "Serve."  This will allow these initiatives, as well as The Farm (now know as the Cobblestone Farm), to continue to serve our community with increased focus and the correct resources and people to move them forward in new and exciting ways.

Moving Forward

For the first half of 2016, Serve will focus on creating a new infrastructure to assist Laundry Love, Art in the Park, and 3 Bags in 2 Days to operate, meet needs, and engage with others to continue serving Northwest Arkansas.  Additionally, the Serve Board will be evaluating plans to meet some unmet needs in our community around the issues of homelessness (specifically child homelessness and those who are unsheltered in our community).  More to come on this very soon, and Contact Us if you have interest in being part of shaping this approach to care for those without homes in our community.

We have a lot of work to do, but our focus is very simple.

The mission of Serve NWA is to encourage and inspire a response of service for the benefit of the under-resourced, vulnerable, and exploited in Northwest Arkansas.

Today we simply ask that you continue to serve our community as you have, share those stories with your neighbors, friends, and family, and if you need somewhere to begin, please consider Serving With Us at one of our Community Care Initiatives (more information).

cobblestone project Background

The Cobblestone Project was founded in April 2008 by a small group of Northwest Arkansas families who are committed to putting their faith into action with the hope of making a meaningful difference in their community.

This action was based on the belief that every person has a unique and immeasurable value because of our shared human story.  It is this story that is defined by a movement towards the renewal and restoration of the image that all people were created for a purpose.  Every human heart deserves dignity, respect and the opportunity to fully realize this purpose.

Unfortunately, in situations of poverty this image becomes devalued and often unnoticed.  It is this place that we begin our journey of being a part of the renewal and restoration of humanity.