Laundry Love Springdale Update

From Jennifer...


Just wanted to say "thank you" so much for serving alongside us this Saturday. In addition to washing 67 loads of laundry, we were able to...

  • provide a hot lunch & a warm place to seek refuge from the cold
  • give a young lady a warm coat
  • provide many families with groceries
  • connect one young lady with the emergency dental service at SCC. Her mother has a bad tooth & no dental insurance so has been unable to pay for treatment.
  • send many families home with extra soup (from World Garden)
  • provide families with shampoo, conditioner & soap
  • and brighten up children's faces with toys, books & crafts!

I know many more acts of kindness happened at the laundromat through kind words, helping hands, & smiles!

God Bless you all for taking Laundry Love way beyond washing clothes!

~Springdale LLP

What an incredible community that is forming through Sprindale Laundry Love...inspiring to hear how grace & dignity flows through the "smallest" things

If you would like to get involved in Laundry Love in NW Arkansas, please visit the Laundry Love initiative page.